There is nothing like preparing a list of past activities to realize how many things one has done through the past years. This retrospective view makes me think that, although women have made a lot of progress in the past years, there is still so much to do and struggle for! The fact that the content of most of them is still valid, I think has to do less with the merit of my ideas than, unfortunately, to the persistance of attitudes and conceptions still deep-rooted in society that constitute barriers that only a continuous effort in all aspects of life and relationships will grind down until they finally vanish from our lives.


Opening conference of the national Meeting on Negotiation and Gendre, organised by the Net of Politician Women of Uruguay. Theme: Women and Negotiation: myths, ghosts and subjective obstacles in considering everyday negotiations. House of Parliament, Montevideo (Uruguay). November 30, 2007.

Workshop-course: Everyday negotiations - Negotiations with onself. Athens (Greece). November 2007.

Round Table - Panel: SARE Emakunde 2007. Managing money in our daily lives: we earn, spend, invest, pay taxes. Kursaal Centre, Donostia-San Sebastián (Spain). November 2007.

Lecture: Everyday negotiations. Some "femenine" difficulties to negotiate and the job in conciliating tradition and vanguards, Argentine Cultural and Social Association in Greece, Athens (Greece) June 2007.

Training workshop about feminine practice with money. Even though many women have access to money, economic independence has not been guarantee of autonomy. In everyday practice, there are still many obstacles that influence relations and limit personal spontaneity. (second semester 2007).



Lecture: Changes in women’s life: submission or riding over them? Women’s Forum, Buenos Aires (Argentina) August 2006.

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Round table: New Paradigms within the Family and the Couple. University of Flores, Buenos Aires (Argentina). September 2003.
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Internal reflection workshop for NGO's participating in the International Women Forum Against Corruption, Buenos Aires (Argentina), June 2002.

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Lecture: Women and Men: gendre mysteries. University of San Juan, Adults Project, San Juan (Argentina), August 1997.

Workshops in Horwath Family Business Centre.

  • Strategic and appease cession in the family and the business.
  • Delights and disenchantments of altruism.
  • Cost and benefits of solidarity.
  • "Helpfull" husbands and "self-sacrificing" wives.
  • Negotiating with one self: costs and quality of life.
  • From complaints to proposals... from hope to concrete.

Buenos Aires, Argentina, June to November, 1997

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Workshops for preofessional women: Success and its ghosts. Mar del Plata (Argentina), May 1993.

Post-graduate seminar in Family Law: Money in conjugal society. Law School of the University of Buenos Aires (Argentina), Abril 1993.

Lecture: Labyrinths of success. Amancay Cultural Centre, San Martín de los Andes, Neuquén (Argentina), March 1993.


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Lecture: Success and Gendre: feminine question. MACABI, Buenos Aires (Argentina), September 1991.

Workshop: Money and Gendre: invisible sexuation. Psychology and Group Psychotherapy Argentine Assocciation's II Congress, Buenos Aires (Argentina), August 1991.

Lecture: Women and political participation - internal obstacles and hidden fraud. Karakachoff Foundation, Rio Cuarto,  Cordoba (Argentina), August 1991.

Lecture: The other power: a feminine illusion. Cecilia Grierson Foundation, Bahía Blanca (Argentina), July 1991.

Lecture: Love, Money and Power within the couple. Cecilia Grierson Foundation, Bahía Blanca (Argentina), July 1991.

Workshop: Success and its ghosts - women fear success and men the lack of it. Mental Health Diagnosis and Treatment Centre, Mendoza (Argentina), June 1991.

Lectures and Workshops: Women and money. Mendoza (Argentina), July 1991.

Workshop: Success and its ghosts. 'Fina Sanz Ramón' Institute, Valencia (Spain), May 1991.

Lecture: Money within the couple - some considerations about power. Women's Institute of Valencia, Valencia (Spain), May 1991.


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1989 - 1982

Lecture: Money Psychosocial Representation and its influence in clinical practice. Mental health centre Nº 2, Buenos Aires (Argentina), November 1989.

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Lecture: Motherhood ideal and money practice. Women Teaching and Research Congress, Montreal (Canada), July 1982.


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