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Money in our society has a clear sexual sign. It is a concept linked in many ways to male, to power and virilito. Almost an indicator of male sexuality. This sexual sign  —uncounciously included in male and female subjectivity— generates symptoms. In many women theyappear as a difficulty to take autonomous decisions, although the may have economic independence. In men, appear as signs of powelessness upon economic problems.
Couple relations and family dynamics is affected by these symptoms. Sexuation of Money generate powe distribution perpetuating economic marginato of women and consolidating an antidemocratic pattern of family and couple. Psychosocial hipótesis are stated that allow clinical application working with couples and families.


To speak about the use of money en the couple is to speak about something more than an administrative negotiation. It means to place ourselves as observers at a point in which several aspects of our lives coincide: certainly our love and tenderness, but also the social influences and the ethical choices that each one adopts in his or her behaviour. On the one hand, the experience will make us re-approach our concept of love and sex appeal and come to understand the ghosts and resentments hidden behind the myth of the couple. But, on the other hand, it will unmask the many hypocrisies in which we, men and women, are caught, which deprive us from enjoying in fullness an interchange which could be without restraint, more creative, more conscientious, and above all, with an ample spirit of solidarity.


Money…Sex…Power…Oppression…all these are themes that have been examined minutely and courageously in this text that reveals the different ways of feminine dependence. For the woman of this day - as always - economic independence is no guarantee of autonomy.
Lucid analysis of money in the perspective of the existing relations between women and men in occidental society in the setting of a patriarchal culture; relations that sometimes are of power and dominion even in the most intimate interstices of our daily life. Accusation of marked sexual discrimination with regard to the acquisition, administration and reproduction of money.

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