Round about 1981, when Clara Coria was already an economically independent woman, she became worried and intrigued as she had noticed in herself some feelings that limited her in the use of her own money. So she decided to investigate in herself as well as in other women, what this feeling meant. In her research, she decide to use a theoretical frame that would aloud her to analyze, compare and bring up hypothesis that might clear out this mystery of independence without autonomy. She chose workshops (groups of reflection) as a method of work, modifying a few things related to the main issue, and to the fact that this was being done with women only. She formulated several hypotheses, and wrote articles that were published in her own country, as well as in other parts of the world on the issue which she entitled, at the beginning, "Women and Money". Finally -as she had more or less anticipated in her thoughts- she also organized some groups of reflection for men only, to speak about money and its use in our culture, and of some of the difficulties that men have to face. Furthermore, and as everybody knows, and if you don't, this is the time to learn -what affects half of the human beings, necessarily affects the other half as well. So as she went on, developing the technique of groups and workshops, the different projects provided abundant and very interesting material which she thought ought to be shared with a larger group of people. That gave her the idea of turning all that material into books in which she also added her own thoughts and reflections.

None of Clara Coria's books have been translated into English. Should you be interested in translation and publishing, please check the Contact section.

Changes in women’s lives. Love is neither as we were told... nor as we devised it
Money’s hidden sex. Our everyday negotiations.
The labyrinths of success. Money in the couple.


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