Life without projects is usually boring. That is the reason why I am especially interested in helping people to develop subjects of varied interests which in turns may become projects.

According to my own experience, projects that I finally felt mine not always arose from my own desire of getting into matters that would attract me… there had been occasions when the subject was proposed to me and the result was highly enlightening.

This is the reason why it is far more stimulating to thing of “working projects” proposed by people interested in participating in them and then coordinating those groups willing to participate in Reflection Workshops to discuss specific matters.

Those projects that I have coordinated and developed, up to now, have been designed to satisfy three different needs, although they complement each other.

  1. Women and money
    • Money within the couple.
    • Women and success.
    • Women and daily negotiations.
    • Women and love.
  2. Building strategies to solve conflictive situations regarding the above-mentioned matters.
  3. The question of changing, because I think that changes occur due to personal and social urgencies that are to be unavoidably approached.

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