About Clara Coria

  • Born in 1941 in Buenos Aires, Argentina.
  • Master in Clinical Psychology, Univesity of Buenos Aires, 1966.
  • Member of the Psychology and Group Psychotherapy Argentine Assocciation of Buenos Aires.
  • Coordinator of workshops on specific items since 1966 at: Rawson Hospital, Mental Health Centre; Teenager Department of the Pirovano Hospital; and national and international private institutions.
  • Researcher on the items of money. power, success, negotiations and love from the gendre point of view. (From 1975 to present).
  • Co-founder of C.E.M. - Centro de Estudios de la Mujer (Women Study Centre) of Buenos Aires, 1979.
  • Consultant for the Women Department, Argentina National Government, Research Area, 1984-1989.
  • Member of the Muli-disciplinary team of the Aix-en-Provence University (France) in the research project "Women, time and money in the Mediterranean area" (1984-87).
  • Member of AFTA - American Family Therapy Academy (2000).
  • Member of the Women Forum Against Corruption (2002).
  • Researcher in general gendre items, including the ones she is interested in and the ones that are proposed by other people or groups interested in working in anu special theme.




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